Don't hide anymore!

Trust your own authority.

My life has been dominated by a split between mind and body. I could be in both but not at the same time. On the one hand, there was my spiritual part, which was dominated by the intellect until I was 33. On the other hand, there was my emotional body that occasionally flooded me!

I had adapted to what the environment expected of me and appreciated in me.

And I was super good at it!

I didn't know any better than: this is my life!

I had no idea what my hidden potential was.

And what really fulfils me and makes me happy.

That's why I felt too emotional: like I was a volcano about to erupt. And sometimes it just seemed like I didn't feel anything: Too hard, cold and indifferent.

Nothing could touch me it seemed! and sometimes I was touched very quickly and by very small things!

My soul and body felt ripped apart. That is how I ended up in a deep dale:  I was depressed for years and got into an impasse. 

At this point where my life came to a standstill, for the first time in my life I allowed my soul to guide me. And that's why I quit my academic career.

I focused completely on my body and its expression. 

I got to know my soul through my body. 

There was not one 'teaching' that could show me the way.

I had to find my way through different traditions. The Japanese dance Butoh, theatre/Performance art and voice work and then Jungian work, Theta Healing, Somatic and Voice work and Aura/Energy healing are the main traditions that have formed and guided me.

I Earned a PhD in social sciences at the University of Amsterdam. I am a Jungian Analyst and Aura touch healer in private practice helping you ( irrespective of your gender) in your individuation process.

Unique Approach

All my experiences with the soul and body come together in my healing sessions. 

I developed the Inner Knowledge Method to help you manifest your True Greatness. So that

 you can take responsibility to live your full potential and have an impact.

Your full potential reveals itself to you every day. 
Do you have the courage to listen?

What I found special about the sessions with Bouchra is that I could be there so safely, almost like a child again.

She really empowered me with physical and imaginative exercises and helped me become friends with myself.

She also contributed to literally find my voice and express myself.

I also found it very insightful to experience dreams or fantasies and discover they can mean something other than what I thought of them myself beforehand. This was reassuring.

For me the imaginative worked very much.

Maybe other people need something else, I'm sure Bouchra will sense that and can communicate with you in a way that suits you. A special experience!


 Do you want to break through 

to Your True Greatness? 

I will be your Guide and show you the way through my Inner Knowledge Method

I offer you the safe space to unfold and manifest your True Greatness. 

You will discover the necessary knowledge about body, psyche and soul.

I guide you through with my methode the Inner Knowledge Method

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Your True Greatness, 

Your Authentic you, will be manifest .

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