There is a misconception about the feminine being a woman-thing and the masculine a man-thing. This misconception is part of a history of matriarchy and patriarchy that we are leaving behind.  We free these two archetypes from the image of ' woman' and from image of 'man': Hard to do sinds our brains are wired for thousands of years to do so. 

It takes awareness and  a refusal to suffer any more to do this. Yes I think we are ready: You are ready. 

There was a time where the feminine and the masculine lived in harmony before the era of both matriarchy and patriarchy. They danced the dance of creation and love. 

Today we are lost in definitions and discours about gender, womanhood en manhood. In Essence we know that no one has the right to define who we are. In fact who we are is our quest as individuals and as a collective humanity. Who we are is a choice we make every day. We give it shape and we change it. It is a responsibility that we cannot underestimate or leave to some one else to decide.  

Every era is a stage that we had to pass through to learn some aspects of who we are. This era we are entering now is the INTEGRATION Era. every one will have to integrate past lessons to take us as a collective to the next level. 

Wether you identify with any gender or are not even aware of the diversity, I invite to jump with me in the journey of embracing who you are. This is not about finding an identity to stick to, this is about your soul and spirit seeking to be embodied : this is the incarnation of you. 

Beyond notion of power we will travel to find the power of love and loving. 

The feminine and the masculine are two archetypes that structure the human psyche. The psyche is structured by clusters of images with a core and that core is the archetype. So you can say that the archetype manifests itself to us in uncountable yet repetitive images. The most primordial image that embodies the feminine is the circle. The most primordial image that embodies the masculine is the staff. Images of one cluster may overlap however which indicates the nonlinearity of our psyche and that different layers of different archetypes intersect. Yet there is  a structure. 

Archetypes are therefore not graspable by means of description but by means of metaphor, poetry, film and art in general. Further more they manifest differently to different people and although objective in themselves their manifestation is subjective. 

Archetypes are shapable: you can embody an archetype your way. In fact if you don't find your way with an archetype you run the risk of being possessed by it. Which may be dangerous although  a degree of possession is needed for creativity and for making the archetypal energy your own. You need to give a vorm that is truly your own!

This is a creative process. The images by the way are not images in the sense of visuals only. Images are energy and they can transform to visuals but it is not the only way. In our culture the emphasis on visuals and the eye as a very important organ of perception is limiting our capacity to perceive and receive. An image can be a sense of something: a movement, a sensation, an unfolding, contraction... an image is a frequency and a vibration. 

It requires listening to 'what is' and opening to the unconscious: a perception through the unconscious. 

The process of incarnation is a process of allowing the kundalini to rise and the spirit to descend. It is the unconscious canalised to one single force. It is contained and can rise. The essence of who you are as lief energy, soul and sprit comes out: you are realised in this life.

This process if not well contained stagnates and may even cause some injuries in the body and psyche.  

What is it that contains? the feminine is the container and the masculine is the one that canalises. 

we have to accept and love the body/ matter. This seems simple. But it is not, at least not for the modern human. Because what is love? We don't know. Again this one is part of your incarnation: knowing What love is. Nobody can show you or teach you. Of course you can have rol models and even a lover who loves you, so you can be inspired. But what is love for you is you own: only you knows and you take responsibility. 

Still love is objective! it is its manifestation that is subjective and individualised even culture-ised.  

Loving the body is not easy but sure is possible, if not in this life, in another one. 

As  humans we cannot transcend the body before we have loved it!

Incarnation is both transcendent and immanent. To some transcendence is easy and to others immanence is easy but ultimately you have to learn both to really embody who you are. 

Transcendence is a connection to spirit. it saves you from the limitation of matter. It helps but at the end you need to work with matter. Your soul is your guide because the soul has chosen this journey. It guides you in the spirit world and also in the matter world.