Embody your Feminine 

Introduction to the feminine in you 

No matter your gender

3 hours online 

or in person retreat in Amsterdam


Move to a place of abundance instead of fear. 

Release what's holding you back from embodiment

Access Your Feminine from within 

Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking. CGJung 

Most of us are not landed to this earth: We live partially. Most of us have no awareness of the body as a container. The body to them is a mere instrument.

 In fact they have no consciousness of the earth. 

The earth is a live giving consciousness. It is.

The earth consciousness is here despite what you do or not do and it has effect on you depending on how you relate to it.

Are you restless and are after food, goods and staff, sex and achievement...? you cannot get enough and you want more?  or you don't want it any of it at all? 

Most likely your relationship to the feminine is in need of healing.

You are not alone, in fact our whole society suffers from a hurt, denied and even traumatised feminine.

The feminine is the container for the soul. The one that allow us to truly relate to each other and our environment.  It is an archetype so it has also another side too. In case the feminine is hurt you will experience the shadow side of the feminine. This shadow is a lack of worthiness. So underneath is a lack of self-esteem. 

Likely there is rage here felt of denied. If you feel it you are on the right track: continue! the danger here is you may get addicted to it. Stay Awake and transform it! I can help you. 

You may experience fear from the body and from true intimacy: you long to be intimate with another but you only end in superficial or at best relationships based on sex or other  'objects of desire' only.

you may have problems with resources like money and community. Your relationship may be superficial and you may have some form ( hidden) of addiction. 

The core is you don't feel safe. Do you? 

You may feel that everything you create and achieve is not worthy and you keep wanting to achieve more.  When is it even good enough?

In relationship you are at best restless. You are on the running and cannot rest or truly commit. Where are you going? the practice is a practice of staying. How?!

Even if everything seems functional in your life without awareness of the feminine you are feeling that something is missing and if you are honest with your self you feel  a lack of 'support'  that you don't understand. You know you can land in a bottomless space and you keep avoiding it by controle and the will of power. This can manifest on the long term in burn-out and unexplained fatigue.  

With this retreat I can help you get access to this missing ground. You will feel more presence in your work and relationship and you start to feel a continuity in what you create. You create your life from trust rather than from reaction and fear. Your develop a sense of  self-esteem and self-worth where you don't need to fulfil this or that condition to get in touch with.  

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To help you get there, I developed the Embody your feminine ( no matter your gender) Retreat :


I open to you the gate to your creative and feminine power.

  • How your body teaches you to realise that you are relating from fear and that you don't need to!

  • How to meet your body, so it guides you to abundance and peace.

  • How to realise the pattern of your own problem, this will help you to recognise the movement of your psyche and body and how to deal with it.

  • How the feminine nurtures the masculine so that they cooperate to create the life that you want.

I always start from where you are. This is no teaching from outside.

I guide you to connect to what is there in your body. And help you to give it meaning and shape.

We work with your fantasies, dreams, synchronicities. We ignite your imagination and creative power.

You learn to connect to archetypes that are meaningful to you at the moment: the power from within.

Your most unconscious power is hidden in your body.

It is by owning it that you get true incarnation, True manifestation of who you are.

Dr. Bouchra Arbaoui

About Bouchra

I help you to embody who you are. Yes it feels like a coming out!

You grow into your True Greatness. You discover your  leadership so that they can be part of a community you belong to and if you chose make a visible impact.

In own at PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. 

I am a Jungian Analyst and Aura Touch® Healer.  

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After the Embody your feminine Retreat

  • You become conscious of what is holding you back from trust and surrender. This means you discover you inner truth and the power within.
  • You learn to recognise the patterns of your behaviour and experiences. This will help you to manage processes of change and challenge.
  • You become aware of own worth and gain confidence.
  • You gain body awareness of emotions and relationship. The result is that you are a fully alive and responsive and in connection with your loved ones.
  • You relate from trust instead of fear, because you are ware of the holding power of the earth and your relationship to it.

What do you get

  •  A full  3 hours with Bouchra full of personal attention
  • Shadow work to understand and transform what is holding you.
  • Meet the feminine earth energy via embodied experience. 
  • 1 Audio to take away guided body experience: Surrender to earth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to take this retreat in person? yes the this 3 hours retreat is available online and in person in Amsterdam ( Amsterdam West of Amsterdam City centre).

  • How can I prepare myself  for this retreat? If online: Make sure you  won't be disturbed in any way. Make sure you have enough room to move and a comfortable place to sit and lie down. After the retreat don't jump immediately into your social life instead take some time to integrate and rest: we will be working hard. In any case you will get instruction from me via email to prepare what you personally need. 

  • Is 3 hours enough to achieve the results you claim? There is a saying :" When the student is ready, the teacher appears". If  you feel called and what you read resonates you are ready for this work. Healing only happens when we allow it. This said this is an introduction that will open doors for more consciousness bout the feminine.

  • Can I continue with this work in another way after the one day retreat? Yes, if you feel you are called to work with me further I will discuss with you the possibilities.

  • Can I get the recordings  to work further on my own? Yes you will have 1 embodied meditation recoding in audio available for you as take away.


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