your 100% full potential

Manifest your True Greatness


Work and Relationships

Stop hiding 

Trust your own Inner authority 

Belong to your community.


Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking. CG Jung

You are outspoken!

And you have ( or desire) a good career and a good life. 

Still you know you're destined for something bigger and more real. 

You are destined for real love. 

Now you are not seen for who you really are: something bigger, more important. 

Your great potential doesn't come out. 

You long for something bigger than yourself but you have no idea how to get to it? 

It's time to go see it. 

It's time for you to take the step towards your True Greatness. 

But how do you do that? 

Where to start? 

You're in the right place here. 

This is a safe place where you get to know your full potential, where you discover your own inner authority, your creative energy and your leadership over your life.

We don't fix a problem, we meet human existence


I'm Dr. Bouchra Arbaoui
I help you to embody your own potential. How to manifest your True Greatness. How to embrace your inner authority and leadership so that you live an authentic life. 

  • How can you live your full potential for 100%? 
  • How does your 'I' become resilient and receptive 
  • And how can you be who you are, without confronting, compensating or hiding? 
  • How do you integrate the feminine and the masculine in you? 

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"I worked with Bouchra for several months. 

She is a warm, listening and understanding person. 

Her strong feature is creativity when it comes to the number of different ways to work with the body and emotions. 

I heartily recommend her. She will help you return to your true self."


Embodied Jungian Therapy online or in Person In Amsterdam

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What I found special about the sessions with Bouchra is that I could be there so safely, almost like a child again. 

She really empowered me with physical and imaginative exercises and helped me become friends with myself. 

She also contributed to literally find my voice and express myself.

I also found it very insightful to experience dreams or fantasies and discover they can mean something other than what I thought of them myself beforehand. This was reassuring. 

For me the imaginative worked very much. 

Maybe other people need something else, I'm sure Bouchra will sense that and can communicate with you in a way that suits you. 

A special experience!


  • When the soul feels at home with the body, the body is alive. 
  • Put your disguise away and embody your truth.
  • This is saying  yes to life here on earth. 

True Greatness: have impact

Dr. Bouchra Arbaoui helps you: 

  • Discover how to live your 100% potential

  • Making the best choices in work and relationship

  • Healing trauma and integrating the Shadow

  • Connect to your subconscious and thereby bring out hidden talents and creativity 

  • Integrate the masculine and the feminine 

  • Manifest a loving relationship and a fulfilling job

  • Finding purpose and belonging to a community and eventually make impact.

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Embodied Jungian Therapy online or in Person In Amsterdam

I was in a career change and got help from several coaches. But I felt I had to go much deeper. 
I wanted to find out for good what was holding me back from being happy. 
Bouchra has brought me back to my feelings and I have learned to listen to my body and my intuition. This has given me confidence in my vision of my future. 
I am more powerful and confident and More importantly I feel a lot of love! 

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.

C.G. Jung