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The body is the carrier of emotions, emptiness and desire.

Many are initiated by working with meditations or Psychedelics themselves. It sometimes goes wrong and one can end up in what is called the 'Kundalini Crisis'. Are you having unexplained problems after such an initiation? you don't know how to get in charge of your process? Get in touch: Info@soulmatter.nl

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Your Body is your philosopher's stone.

 Humans are here on Earth to create new connections. When life energy is not allowed to flow to further transform, disease will arise.

Embodied Jung is an integrative in-depth therapy. (in) Depth therapy is a form of therapy based on the teaching of Carl Gustav Jung.

The embodiment indicates our existence here on earth: The soul searches for 'oneness of being' in the matter of the body and its environment.

When the soul has found its predestined state then the soul is embodied.

The journey of human beings is a journey of inspiration and embodiment.

Depth therapy is a form of therapy that goes beyond cognition: the focus is on the perception and the experience. Depth therapy assumes that there is no separation between the psyche / soul and the material reality we live in.

An individual has his own path that cannot be separated from his own environment.

Embodied Jung puts embodiment as the goal of what C.G Jung has called individuation. To understand Individuation simply invoke the image of the seed in the earth, In the seed the essence of what it is, is always present. Each seed is destined to become something. Individuation is about getting to know that core (the seed) and letting it grow and become what it is destined to become.

Humans quest is the embodiment: transforming metal into gold as the alchemists have called it: Finding the Philosopher's Stone, the Alchemical Opus. 

The urge for creation and expression moves us.

Depth therapy focuses on the deeper unconscious layers of the psyche. Although Carl Jung has emphasised the body in his theory, few have managed to integrate the body into this therapy. Most stayed in the symbolic and did not land on earth. With Embodied Jung I offer you a unique approach where somatic knowledge meets the symbolic and archetypal world.

We are often unaware of how our behaviour and perceptions have been influenced by the unconscious. You work with me to access the deeper layers of your unconscious.

Depth therapy works with the ability to imagine to heal. My perspective with "Embodied Jung" is that I assume that the body is the entrance to the imagination. T

he body shows us the way of the psyche, the way of the soul.

This approach to depth therapy is the result of my many years of passion with Butoh dance, physical theater, somatic and energy work. Embodied Jung is based on scientific and experiential knowledge of Somatic work and energy work and the creativity of dance and theater.

Where other depth therapies linger in the symbols and interpretation of images, the core of Embodied Jung is the materialisation and manifestation of the symbolic and the archetypal. 

Embodied Jung is the way of embracing the creative capacity of you to become whole.