Your True Greatnes

In 7 months to your True Greatness with the Inner Knowledge method


Your True Greatness

It's now or never! 

You can't go on like this in your life. 

You are destined for real love. 

You are at a crossroads in your work or relationship. 

Because you know you're destined for something bigger and more real. 

Now you are not seen for who you really are: something bigger, more important. 

Your great potential doesn't come out. 

This was the case for Eva. 

Eva is completely happy with her new Partner. She feels he's the right man. 

Although he is not perfect, she has also known better sex with other partners, but he looks very good Moreover, he is very caring. 

She managed to get his interest. Now he even absolutely loves her. 

Eva sees a lot of potential in him, which he maybe doesn't see himself. 

She'll take it out. She knows him better than himself. 

She invests in this man, he becomes the center of her life. 

He is going to make it in the outside world because she wants to withdraw, after all these years of hard work and having achieved financial security. She now wants to turn inward, to be a woman, she has earned this man. Or not?! 

But then she runs into that one ex! 

It's like she is enchanted by him. 

She feels very attracted to him. She gets an affair with him despite him making it clear that he can't build a life with her. 

And so she continues to hover: She doesn't know what she needs. 

She feels like she's falling into the dark. 

No, in fact, she has fallen into it, she feels as if she can't move anymore! 

It almost seems as if there is an urge in Eva to disappear!

 Eva remembers that she longs to build something real with a partner, but she also wants great sex. 

Eva wants a motivating and stimulating relationship. Not just a relationship where she constantly feels that there is no passion in it and that she always has to light the fire by anything: Yes, even by ; too much criticism of her partner and of herself. 

Eva doen't stays and can't take action to change.

How can you create happy relationships and get out of this negative spiral? 

Aniek too wondered about this, when she came to me.

'2 years ago I was actively looking for a therapist who looks beyond the psyche. 

The "normal" forms of therapy is not what I was looking for. 

What I find unique about Bouchra is that she looks at the energetic body, at dreams and at how we can bring the subconscious to consciousness and thus make connections that I would otherwise not be able to make myself.

 Bouchra is very helpful. 

I continue to discover new layers of myself in new phases of life. 

Through your way of working, I continue to be reminded of the powers I have and I learn to accept that the lesser sides of myself (may) also belong. 

With the help of practical tools, my inner experience has changed in such a way that I can always go back to the center of myself and find peace when I need it. 

I have now successfully recommended Bouchra to 4 people.' 

 Anniek, 37 years

How do you get from a love of power to the power of love?

You can't do this because you notice you're in a pattern of continuous repetition.

For example:

You get stuck in jobs where there is no fulfilment and your knowledge, vision, gifts and talents are not seen.

You feel that you are playing a game that you may have mastered very well but that you no longer want and yet there seems to be no stopping.

Often you feel that you do not know yourself or have lost yourself.

You always meet those who do not want to bear their own responsibility. They don't make a clear choice whether they want to become a father or want to 'commit'.

You constantly let opportunities pass you by in the field of work, money and relationships.

You give away too much to friends, family and acquaintances. you care way too much about another.

Not engaging your full potential and True Greatness has already cost you dearly. Your body literally hurts and your complaints are inexplicable.

You feel lost and stuck. 

Sometimes you lose yourself in different partners and/or feel unfulfilled in sexual relationships. 

You see no way out. 

It seems as if you are in a labyrinth that has no end and you constantly walk the same circles or get no further than a certain place that you keep turning around.

What is wisdom here and what do you actually want?

You may have managed to meet the man of your dreams. But you keep comparing him to that one or the other ex or to other man. 

You may have a pretty good  job but you can't fully appreciate it and you can't find your place. 

Something is missing, something is not right.

And sometimes you think: 

"did I really deserve this love?" 

" have I really earned this job?"

You then distance yourself because the closeness hurts too much. You don't engage fully and truly with your work.

You feel too much closeness is restraining you. You feel like you can't breathe, 

Too much is being asked of you, yet you know he's the right man. Or not?

There is so much greatness in you and it doesn't come out: your environment doesn't help you and you yourself may have an intuition or feeling what that is but...

Fortunately, there is a way to achieve your True Greatness. That is why I developed the

 Inner Knowledge Method especially for ambitious courageous women. This method is

 Basis of my True Greatness Trajectory.

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Dr. Bouchra Arbaoui

I help ambitious women who are at a crossroads in their lives. They have trouble making a choice whether it is about motherhood, about a steady relationship, about their career.

This gives them fulfilling relationships without selling themselves short. So that they grow towards True Greatness and show leadership so that they can make an authentic impact on society.

I Earned a PhD in social sciences at the University of Amsterdam. I am a  Jungian Analyst and Aura touch healer in private practice helping men and women in their individuation process. 

As a result of not embracing their full potential and manifesting their True Greatness, Women may  experience unexplained physical complaints and not in touch with their true feelings. They see their life as unfulfilled despite having achieved a lot. 

Through my Inner Knowledge Method they are guaranteed to trust their feminine wisdom and intuition and connect to their inner guidance and knowing. So that they let go of whatever is holding them back and make room for the right partner, work and possibly motherhood and ultimately they have a meaningful impact on society.


And yes, I know, you've had enough therapies already. You are done with that!

And in the meantime... it keeps gnawing. 

You can't get out of the negative spiral.

You know....

...You've already done your best.

...You don't need a committed relationship because you love your freedom.

...The system is patriarchal and disadvantages you as a woman at work or with your company.

... You come from a different culture and this culture where you live right now is not compatible with you.

....You only meet men who are looking for a mother.

Do you really want the breakthrough to your True Greatness? Then I will help you with that and show you the way.

I offer you the safe space to unfold and manifest your True Greatness. You will also discover the necessary knowledge about body, psyche and soul. I do that with my Inner Knowledge Method.

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"What I found special about the sessions at Bouchra is that I could be so safe, almost like a child again. 

She really empowered me with physical and imaginative exercises and helped me become friends with myself. 

She also contributed to literally find my voice and express myself. 

I also found it very insightful to learn what certain dreams or figments of the brain can mean, different from what I thought of it myself. This was reassuring. 

For me, the imaginative worked a lot. Maybe other people need something different, I'm sure Bouchra will feel that well and can communicate with you in a way that suits you. 

A special experience!"


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After the True Greatness trajectory:

  • You feel fulfilment and a sense of purpose in your life, work and business.This means that you truly become the master and creator of the life you desire.

  • Your self-leadership has grown and you trust your own authority.

  • From now on you have a grip on personal and work relationships. You convert your vision into concrete actions, you dare breng it to the light and to share this with others.

  • You notice that you are important to your environment. That what you feel and think is heard. This gives you more influence.

  • Make an impact on larger processes in society.

  • You live your True Greatness in the intimate realm and beyond.

In short, you gain access to your deeper knowledge and wisdom. As a result, you can finally exist as you are. This means experiencing plenty of love, abundance and real connection. You are strong in your leadership and authority.

We work as follows:

  • 2x2 per month (In total 28 hours) Deep Dive via Zoom, personal and tailor-made. 

  • Monthly Short, in-depth videos about embodied psychology of women.

  • Fascinating Monthly modules about the Wisdom of Embodied Dreamwork and how to awaken the source of your creativity

  • Mythological stories about the gifts of women so that you consciously live your myth and thereby live your purpose.

  • You Let your creative expression flow through drawings/written text/images

I've discussed some major life decisions with Bouchra. I trust her and she helped me connect with myself and ask for what I needed. 

I used to make decisions based on other's images of success but now I'm going for what makes me feel happier.

I was also avoiding a happy relationship for years until I've stopped resisting it last year! 

We've made great progress and we're going to continue making more.

I was unable to always access the decisive, confident, rational, fighting for myself, and communicating clearly about what I want and need. Instead, I've relied on kindness, helpfulness and beauty as a survival mechanism. 

I've found Bouchra and she helped me explore my judgments and assumptions about what will happen when I'm not a good girl. 

Yes! I would recommend Bouchra to others. She helps things more along faster than doing this on one's own. 

Bouchra made me trust her and talk about the things that I've tried to solve on my own for a long time, patterns that I've been repeating for maybe 20 years. They were hard to shake off on my own. 

Bouchra is patient, experienced, smart as a whip, kind and genuinely cares. -Marianna - 35 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the process take 7 months?

Time is relative. You cannot make the change to True Greatness with 1 or 2 sessions. If you want to achieve sustainable results where you go to the core, it is important that you invest that time in yourself.

And with that you make the commitment to meet your True Greatness.

Can I also follow the program offline?

The True Greatness trajectory can only be followed online.

What does the Deep Dive look like?

This is a 1 on 1 session of 2 hours in which we look together in a structured way at the core of the situations you encounter in the field of relationship and / or work. Think of shadow work, inner child, feminine and masculine energy and body awareness.

This gives you more awareness about the obstacles and patterns you are in. Your next step becomes clear.

How do I know I'm ready for this journey?

You are ready when you feel the need to live your full potential in personal and work relationships. You feel that you are failing yourself in both or one of the two areas.

You can't live life to the fullest and get everything out of it.

You run into situations that don't seem right to you. You struggle, it is difficult and you feel exhausted, misunderstood and possibly undervalued.

You intuitively know there is more to you. But it's not coming out yet.

Some around you say there might be something wrong with you. But you know, there is True Greatness in you!

Does this trajectory help improve personal or work relationships?

It helps with both. With the Inner Knowledge Method you lead your life again from your norms and values.

Instead of looking for control and power over your environment, you act from your loving core.

Why is the method called Inner Knowledge?

In the True Greatness trajectory you learn to act from your inner wisdom again. This even has a connection to your ancestors.

In fact, you come to very deep wisdom from your body, intuition and your imagination.

Do you have examples of other clients who have realised True Greatness?

Yes, you can find it above on this page. The women I help are entangled in proving yourself in this modern society.

They have now achieved that. On the outside they are successful, but inside they feel a lack, emptiness and inexplicable dissatisfaction.

That's why I help ambitious women who are at a crossroads in their lives. They have trouble making a choice whether it is about motherhood, about a steady relationship, about their career.

As a result, they experience inexplicable physical complaints and do not get to their feelings. They see their lives as unfulfilled despite having achieved a great deal.

Through my Inner Knowledge Method they get the guarantee to trust their feminine wisdom and intuition. So that they let go of control and make room for the right partner or the right job.

Why do you talk about the Cosmos and the Ascended Masters in your Inner Knowledge method? What does this have to do with it?

The True Greatness assumes that your potential is more than your little self. You are connected to heaven and earth.

The Ascended Masters are the ascended masters, the sacred masculine energy. You can connect with this so that your full potential develops.

Why are you talking about the Earth and the Ancestors in your Inner Knowledge method. What does this have to do with it?

The True Greatness assumes that your potential is more than your little self. You are connected to heaven and earth.

The Earth symbolises your body and your connection to nature/ecology and the feminine. The Ancestors symbolise all the knowledge you carry with you. It is literally stored in your body.