Active Imagination as a healing tool


Active imagination is a methode and a methodology to get to experience the psyche secrets and longings. In active imagination we go to the realm of the imaginal where everything is possible. The imaginal is a between place, a no where land, a hidden place that we may gain access to when we are in the here and the now. Active imagination happens whenever we let internal images guide us to where we don't know. It is called active because the core of it is taking action from a true place of being. First we get to surrender to the internal images without judgement and we let them reveal themselves to us in images, feelings, sensations and or movement. With guidance, from the analyst, core moments of choice may be identified and we may be made attent that we can make an aware choice. It may seem paradoxical: there is a place where surrendering meets making an active choice. That place is the between place where the ego gets strengthened as it gets humbled because it meets something sacred and wiser, something that goes beyond its ordinary perception. The more the ego gets to surrender to this place, the more the choice made by the ego (!) is true. True in the sense that it meets the needs of the self as whole and the journey of the soul. Active imagination is a process and a methodology: it is the art of the Dao.

Together you will experience the power of your imagination and its embodiment. Imagination is how the soul embodies. This is beyond reason or ratio. The soul guides you to its destination, to its longing: Jung called this the finality of the soul.  With me as a guide you will get to know the language of the soul in your body. I work with you from the creative source. We make what is not tangible, visible and shapable. The path of your soul you get to know and you trust his knowledge and you let it unfold. All answers are in you. What my mission is to lead you there: A companion for you on your own journey to be home here on earth. You embrace your own free will to create the life you want.
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