The Embodied Word


Art work Elf  © Bushra Arbawi

Once working with a colleague on a theta session healing, I tuned  in to her and intuitively I noticed that the words do not mean much to her. She could not feel or sense them. Indeed words are empty. Sure she felt and sensed things, in fact she was very sensitive, but she did not make the link between what she felt and language. I am sure she is not unique in this. A lot of people , including those who are in this field of spirituality and/of those who work on the body cannot bridge both worlds. The bridge is a language that is embodied. A language that comes from body experience. When you are conscious of this every word is real and opens a new door to consciousness. I hear a lot of complaints about therapies that are verbal and not helping, but this not because they use language but because they just talk in a disembodied language. 
What is embodied language? I will give you an answer to this by asking you to say the word " yes" and then the word " No".  How do you know that your yes is a yes and how do you know your No is a No?  
You are only sure if you felt it in your body and in interaction to that thing your are saying yes or No to. I assure you that for some people the "concept of No" and the "concept of  yes" are exchanged so that the No is actually the Yes. I can go on with other examples : words like left and right are very confusing to most people even if they are part of everyday language. 
In theta healing we work with downloads so that the ' pure' meaning of a concept is downloaded into your system. But In my approach the downloads are a last step That confirms and reinforces what is already . Before going into the downloads and affirmations somatic digging deeper must be done.  As a somatic worker, I help you find the true meaning for each word that is important to understand your psyche and become aware of your hidden beliefs. Some words may not exist in the languages you speak but they come during a session as an expression of a soul part of you. That is why I will work with from the sound and move from there with you, when you are ready, to language. In this way You can link the imaginal world with your body and let your soul speak.  Words are key to your world.
Words you use that may seem clear to you or confusing to you are the a mirror of your belief system. When the concepts you use are not tuned to their true meaning, they are energies that are blocking you. We clear the concepts, we clear the blockages. 
If you become curious about how embodied language works in a healing session contact me to book a session.